Blatant self Second book is available.
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Thread: Blatant self Second book is available.

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    Default Blatant self Second book is available.

    Yes that’s right I’ve finally managed to get my second book up on Amazon for Kindle.
    Same characters, different situations and this is all short stories.
    It’s taken nearly two years with re-writes, scrapped attempts and having to drop everything to go look after the ‘Disaster Monkey’ that my Dad can be.

    Thankfully he’s living with us now so my time’s more or less my own.........
    I’ve already started work on Volume 2 of Short stories, which might be closer to Novellas if my fevered brain has its way.
    Anyhow here’s the link;-

    It’d be nice if you’d pick up a copy....Hint Hint.
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    Done mate!
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    WOW mike that's
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