Hello Community,

I'm new to the forums and I have been searching through the forums for some answers on Bloodborne the Board Game, mostly what I picked up on was people here are very helpful so I'm hopeful someone can help me out with some direction. I spent most of the night looking through the rule book while playing and watching some tutorial videos and I believe I have a good grasp on things but scenarios I couldn't find are presented down below.

1.) In the Rule Book it states that during combat Hunter's take there action to attack during there turn and vice-versa for enemies, so If I attack an enemy we are supposed to flip an attack action card for the enemy to attack, if his attack is faster and I have a dodge card and I know his will hit first completely negating my initial attack I'd rather turn my attack into a dodge, this is allowed correct?

EX. I attack with a Slow Attack doing 4 Damage, he attacks with a Fast Special Attack, If I don't want to incur the damage and the debuff, I can use my dodge card on an empty slot on my hunter board and completely just avoid doing any damage and taking any damage correct?

2.) While doing The Long Hunt mission, I ended up in the Occupied House which the card indicates there is a survivor there, the next mission card indicates to take the survivor token to the Oedon Chapel, well the Oedon Chapel was only a tile away as I had just flipped it previously I only had 1 card left after having killed the enemy and used it to move back the Oedon Chapel with the survivor. Immediately upon entry the next mission card states to cover the entryways with fog and a scourge beast enters.

Here is my question: After I moved in there I had no other cards meaning my turn was done, will the beast coming in there automatically just attack me or is the turn reset(I get 3 cards back) and we move the hunt token up one and then he gets an attack?

3.) While we are in the area with the Fog gates the lamp is broke but it states in the Rule Book we can head back to the Hunter's Dream we just can't leave the area through an entryway, so in essence I was about to die I can discard a card and head back to the Hunter's Dream? Is this how I'm understanding this? I know things will reset but just curious...

4.) When I return from the Hunter's Dream, I chose to use the Central Lamp since the Oedon Lamp couldn't be used. In my play though the tile next to the Central Lamp is the Ransacked House which contains 2 enemies from a mission, so when I return back on the Central Lamp from the Hunter''s Dream, those 2 enemies will activate and move 1 tile correct? Am I reading this correctly?

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I would greatly appreciate any help! In another thread I read the OP recommended a specific Bloodborne Forum and I completely agree with this idea, as this is a new game and it's all being figured out. Please give us one.

Thanks for reading,