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    Hi guys,

    have any of you added army painter mixing balls to your Vallejo paints? I was just wondering if they are safe to do so or if anybody has ran into problems of rust?

    thanks for any help you can lend

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    I haven't used the Army Painter ones, but have used the AK Interactive ones with no issues. However, if you are concerned about rust, Monument miniatures sells glass beads to add to paints or you could go to a local craft/hobby store and get hematite beads or some other plastic bead that won't rust. Trade off is they are a little lighter so you might have to add more or might not agitate the paint as well.

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    Yep get glass ones
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I’ve heard of people having issues with rusting agitators but I’ve used MIG and AK Interactive for years over about 1,000 plus bottles of paint and I never have had a problem. I prefer the stainless ones as they are much heavier than ceramic and glass ones I’ve seen. I bought a few dozen of the monument glass packs to change over from steel when people were having quality control issues with one particular manufacturer but as I’ve never had problems myself I haven’t done so.

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    I've added those mixing balls to my Army Painer paints. They're stainless steel, and I haven't seen any problems with corrosion, as the Ph for most acrylic is pretty well neutral.

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    Go stainless, they are heavier, which is the whole point of what they are needed for. Don't go cheap either, some people will sell you anything.

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