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    Default A human Blood bowl team

    A commission i am working on.
    He wanted them to look like New England Patriots.

    Any constructive critique is more than welcome.
    Especially on how to make the bases more interesting, i was thinking on doing some blood spatter on some of them, and maybe place a skull or a severed arm on some of the others.
    Also as a side question, if these where to be upscaled to display/painting competition standard, where would they need to be improved on??
    Would i need to do more weathering or what would i need to do to push them, from their current level to display standard?

    (sorry about the large pictures if anyone can tell me the way to remove them and the best ration to post them in, i will try and re-upload them in a smaller version)
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    They look great! Very neatly painted! Good job on the skin

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    Nice. I like the scheme. (Inflate gate on those balls....)

    Thoughts for improvement-

    Bases, go with your thoughts. Also leave some bare patches of ground or clumps of sod. The marking lines look good where used. Add som grass stains on the uniform or dirt on the shoes.

    To improve the level, the stripes on the shoulder pads could be tightened up.

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