Played our first game of second tide and we came to find something a little odd about having the highest kraken pool.

We felt that it was probably better to keep your kraken pool down for as long as possible but with most of the abilities and tide cards for Deep Lords I found this to be quite difficult. I got to 7 kraken pool when my opponent had only 1 when the Kraken appeared. Surely having the highest kraken pool at this point would come bite me at this point. But after the initial kraken release attack we kept rolling 5’s for subsequent activations and he was using his tentacle crush.

As it is written each successful attack causes 4 damage + additional damage equals to the difference between your kraken pool and his. With my kraken pool being at 7 and his at 1 his heroes were taking 10 damage while mine were only taking 4. At first this felt rather wrong, there was no negative for having the highest kraken pool except for when the kraken first appeared. We kept thinking we were doing something wrong. But the attack was pretty clear “+1 additional damage for each (kraken symbol) more your Kraken Pool contains than your opponent’s”

So we then thought that perhaps while we were approaching this idea that kraken should be very bad perhaps the designer wanted the kraken to be a big part of the game and was encouraging players to release it and keep the highest pool possible to create chaos.

I posted my concerns on Facebook group and I had mix answers. One person kept arguing it was the opposite of what the text said but how can that be? It clearly says “YOUR” but then a second person commented that you roll against your own heroes making the text still true and correct but affecting your heroes rather than your enemies.

From other games we have always roll against each other whenever a non-player control damage was being used against each other. Perhaps this game is different and you do need to roll against your own heroes but I can’t find anything on the kraken rules or his dashboard to say either way.

Has anyone else has this question before?

Has the designer commented on this issue particularly?