Hello everyone. I am making this post because I need to consolodate my Rivet Wars collection in a big way. It is taking up far more space than I can keep it. Sadly, this means I need to get rid of many of my boxes and plastic inserts in favor for foam storage, pluck and plays so I can condense the game to fit, gaurunteed, into the steamer trunk I have for it.

What I need help from is from anyone who has done this before. How have you guys done this? What are the measurements I should have for each unit? Should I leave more space between each piece for structural integrity or can I cram as many as possible into a foam sheet? Should I get 1.5 inch thick? 2 inch? 2.5? 4 inch? etc etc.

Do you guys have a favorite pluck and play foam provider? Any help would be grand. I've never really done this before and Rivet Wars is the first game I really would do something like this for. I know it'll help consolodate my collection in a big way. Any help would be loved.