How does one do paneling like this???
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Thread: How does one do paneling like this???

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    Default How does one do paneling like this???

    I have no idea who painted this, but I am in love with it:

    How do you get this? The seams are clean, the texturing on the panels is beautiful, there's no smearing or spillover... HOW???

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    Looks like pre-shading with an airbrush along the seams and then very careful airbrushing panel by panel.
    It’s an impressive technique, one I’m no-where near even attempting.
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    part one is what DR wrote. Altough can be done easier by preshading the lines with a dark color, then just use the needed color to paint all of it in one go (because of transparency the black preshade will show).Then you just need to make the larger panels lighter by airbrushing their middle part.

    Part two is using an enamel ink to roughly paint in the panel lines, then using a solvent (white spirit for example) to wipe it off from the surface while leaving it in the line. This second part takes a bit of experienceto use correctly but is quite a fun process afterwards.

    an interesting alternative could be using dry pigments for the shading part and after varnishing (to fix them in their place) have a go with the second part (because pigments won't be dark enough for the effect)
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