Your opinion on Dwarven Forge terrain and miniatures?
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Thread: Your opinion on Dwarven Forge terrain and miniatures?

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    Default Your opinion on Dwarven Forge terrain and miniatures?

    For a long time I thought that Dwarven Forge was too expensive and too focused on D&D.

    However, my opinion has changed and like many converts I am very passionate about my new love. It is a love shared by my wife and we want others to experience the same joy we feel. Yet often when we broach the subject we hear the same things being repeated that we once said.

    I have a lengthy blog post about our views on Dwarven Forge if you are curious….

    But we would like to know what folks here think about Dwarven Forge terrain and miniatures in regards to their gaming. How many folks use them? If not, why not?

    Should DF focus purely on terrain?

    Dwarvenite, the material DF focuses on now is not the best for highly detailed, small miniatures but it is remarkably robust and works well for larger sculpts. Certainly a DF dragon is going to survive rough treatment more than most resin or hard plastic dragons.

    Should DF do more Sci-Fi or just focus on medieval fantasy?

    DF has gotten increasingly into above ground terrain. What do you think of it?
    Rick, the Grumpy Gnome

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