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    Since this game is defunct and no longer supported do you think it be possible for someone to make recasts of these models.

    Yeah I get that recast aren't exactly great but if CMONs not gonna produce them anymore maybe someone with a complete collection could maybe make some molds. Granted it would be resin in comparison.

    I dunno it was just a thought I had.

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    I was just looking for recasts last night, lol. Usually you talk to recasters and send them models to use. Not sure if any of the major ones from China would be interested in such a niche game though.

    What I want to know is if CMON would sell the IP. I don't have anywhere near the money to purchase it but would love for a small company to take over and at least release updated unit cards and maybe go miniature agnostic until they can get something going. I'd kickstarts a relaunch of this game in a heartbeat.

    quick edit: another thing I was trying to find was 3D prints of WoK models. I know If I look hard enough I can find equivalents. But it would be cool to find some specifically for this game.
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    Or maybe ... share the 3d files? Heck even sell them?!

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