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    Snobblegot, Skarsnik's highly dependable and extremely cruel second lieutenant, has become an extremely prolific and feared night goblin chief over the years. One of the very first tribes to subjugate themselves to Skarsnik, Snobblegots small band of night goblins have since been responsible to scour the tunnels and keep them clear of vermin. He has been so effective in killing Skaven that even Queek Headtaker has put out a bounty on him.

    Manufacturer: Games Workshop

    Sculptor: Unknown

    Year complete: 2015


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    The two grizzled veterans stood from the cold ground to generate some warmth in their legs. Their long beards dangled nearly to the ground, and the sound of chain mail and pieces of mithril could be heard as they resettled to the dwarfs new standing position. It was eighth hour, and soon the entire camp would be roused to begin preparations for the days march. Throughout the camp, the sounds of deep snoring and sleepy muttering could be heard clearly as the remainder of the small dwarven army slept. In the distance a wolf could be heard calling to its pack. A bat could be heard as it worked tirelessly catching the little mosquitos that seemed to plague this part of the world. Hearing a muffled grunt one of the veterans turned, expecting to see his partner with a stubbed toe. Instead, the other dwarf lay sprawled on the ground, blood seeping from a wound in his neck and color quickly draining from his dour face. As he reached for his axe handle, the last thing he saw was the flash of a blade.

    Cyanhur quickly made his way into the tent that the two dwarves were guarding, grabbing a small chest off the floor near another sleeping dwarf. This one looked important. He briefly considered slicing the dwarfs throat, but quickly discarded the idea. His mission was to secure the chest, and get it to Skarsnik as quickly as possible.

    Cyanhur, the Rat Gods Assassin, is one of a special breed of goblin that dwells in the deepest caverns affectionately referred to as "the Under". This is where the hardest, most deadly fighting has occurred with the Skaven, but both races have also, in a strange way, learned to live in brutal harmony. When younger, Cyanhur had been captured by a Skaven and spent many years as a slave to the rat men. Over these years he quickly grew to not only hate the Skaven with a deep resentment, but oddly began to worship the Rat God himself. This may have been due to the fact that he gave the Rat God all credit when he finally made his escape, slaughtering his overseer with a discarded piece of rock that he had been sharpening for many months.

    Since those early days in the Under, Cyanhur has also found steady employment as an assassin for Skarsnik, and other high bidders, killing anyone with a high enough price on their head.

    Manufacturer: Rakham Confrontation

    Scultpor: Yannick Fussier

    Completed: 22 July, 2021


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    SLUDGE - Marsh Troll

    Gorb looked around suspiciously, as was his nature, though by now he knew himself to be well enough alone. Trudging through the Marshes of Madness as an emissary to the great Skarsnik himself, Gorb knew he was now destined to rise in power amongst his tribe. All he had to do was get to the chief of the Rusty Daggaz Tribe and let him know Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks and soon to be Emperor of all Goblins, had called the Great Waaaghhh and wished for the Daggaz to come and fight with him. By Gork and Mork these swamps stunk. They had stunk for the three days he had trudged through them, but today, the especially stank. Like rotten fish covered in manure and left out in the blazing sun for three days kind of a stink. It did not necessarily offend the goblins large nostrils, but enough of a difference for his goblin brain to take notice. Something was off, he just could not put his finger on it.

    Suddenly a great hand swept up from the water to grab Gorb's ankle, holding him dangling in the air, with his face level to a pair of reptile like eyes and jagged teeth. "What goblin does?" It asked, in a guttural and foul excuse for goblin tongue.

    Gorb, who quite possibly had soiled what poor excuse for pants he had on, stammered, "Gorb carries message for Daggaz, for tribe chief!". A cackling laugh escaped the trolls mouth.

    "You Gorb. I Sludge. What... mess... message?" Sludge retorted, working his large mouth around the word message. "The Great Skarsnik calls for all tribes, the destruction of the stunted ones is upon us!" Gorb quickly stammered.

    "Sludge takes message," the troll stated. As Gorb worked a response, he felt himself tossed in the air slightly as Sludge sprayed him with an acidic substance from his mouth. Burning in unbearable pain, Gorb tried to scream, but could not part his lips as the acid had melted them together. At some point between this, and a vague sensation of a loud crunching sound, Gorb's last memories entered into nothingness.

    Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
    Scultpor: Jason Wiebe
    Completed: 28 September, 2021
    Total Painting time: 6 Hours


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    Snotgit completed the preparations, passing the vials to four goblins. He had gotten them hooked on it a few weeks back, as many goblins enjoyed the euphoria that Snotgits potions granted, and the power it gave them to become invincible during battle. The downfall was that most goblins did not survive the battle after drinking the potion. The goblins returned to their groups, knowing that battle would commence soon. The Dwarves had become persistent in the preceding days, increasing the attacks on the tribes.

    As the Dwarves thundered across the field to close contact, the goblins began to chant and drum their weapons against shields. A whole could be seen developing in the front ranks of Skeezer's Pride, and soon a goblin carrying a massive ball and chain emerged. With slow persistence, the goblin developed momentum and the ball became a whirling mass of destruction. At full charge, the unit of hammerers bearing down on them were unable to stop, and the fanatic tore through the ranks, leaving at least seven dead warriors behind. After emerging from the far side of the unit, invincible to even a mighty dwarf in armor, the goblin shifted directions to another target. The power, the thrill of it all. Something grabbed at his foot, a root, or rock, and the goblin tripped. As he began to fall, the whirling ball and chain wrapped itself around his body until the ball landed squarely to the back of his head.

    Manufacturer: Games Workshop
    Sculptor: Various


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    I like the play of color on the metal balls.

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    @KruleBear: Thank you!


    Manufacturer: Games Workshop
    Sculptor: Unknown


    Having become extremely adept in the layers of under belly of dwarven tunnels, rat warrens, and other forgotten pathways that lay beneath the mountains, the Rat Catchers have been charged with ensuring that the enemy from below, the detested Skaven, do not venture any further into Skarsnik's coveted territory. They comprise of a very small breed of night goblin, of which many never see the world outside of the tunnels.

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