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    Ok, so as I started to ponder how to figure out what to paint next, I realized that, just as a lot of games go, I should paint as random as luck. I put a couple of charts together (favoring orcs and goblins, dwarves, and empire of course) so that I can actually start getting after all of the great "unpainted". I know, you are wondering, what did I roll? Dwarf infantry of course! So, here we go. Time to paint some West Wind Dwarf Wars 2 spear dwarfs!

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    So as not to perceived as overly lazy... I have gotten a little done. I am enjoying painting these guys, but the eyes are a pain to get to!

    6 pretty much done, the 6 in front, and 12 more with nothing but naked metal.

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    Quick update, still working my way through the first 12 (24 in total). They are very heavy, and the metal is a bit pliable. I dropped on on his face and it smooshed his beard.... hopefully you won't notice . Trying to add some dynamic them... they are meant to be on 25x25 mm bases, but I have smooshed them into 20x20 mm bases. Was painting them the other day and I thought of the show Vikings... when the one guy jumped over the other Vikings to get into the thick of the battle. What do you think?

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    I like it. Now you need one on his downward trajectory.

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    @Krulebear: oooohhhhh, I like it

    Update (I would say quick, but it has taken some time to get just these four completely done (other than adding snow to the base). So, these four are completely done. They make up 4/6ths of the complete back rank. Going to batch them in smaller groups (was doing groups of six) because I need to ensure that it is something I can knock out in a 15 or 20 minute painting session, as that is the typical timeframe I have. I have found myself working the other models more frequently because I was trying to do too many at one time. Also, I want to point out, these guys are HEAVY!!!!

    And of course, as I look at the picture, I see things that I missed!! Like the teeth on one of them. That's why these updates are important!

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    Got these 10 done (minus putting the snow on).

    QUESTION: Is the white background better then the black?

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