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    This is the direction I am thinking to go... took about 10 minutes this morning to do the neck and face in red.

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    Haven't had a lot of time this week for painting, so with the little bits of 20 min sessions I have had this is what I have gotten done. Look at the lower portion of the wing, that is the direction I think I want to go? Need to clean it up a little bit where the black wash encountered the lighter yellow.

    Other than that, more scale highlighting and hit the mane. Thoughts on the mane? I might go back in and do some more subtle red mixed in to the mane?

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    Finished this side, for the most part. Now, the belly, details in the face, and finish up the wings.... it is coming along nicely for only getting about 10-15 minutes of attention each paint session.

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    Nice. Your daughter has good taste. Liking the orange highlights and no idea on the name.

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    @KruleBear: Thanks mate! Yeah, very impressed with her choices! Told her she gets to pick another one when we are done with this one!

    Update time! Got the underside of the wing done, though I may go back and hit it with a bit of lining next to the wing membrane. Sealed the underside of the wing and the finished side of the body with some dull coat, want to be sure I don't jack up the paint job once I start working on the other side. What do you think?

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    Back of the wing done, the real pain in the butt with these miniatures is that they come fully assembled, so manipulating the mould to paint in between the wing and the mane was tricky. But, it is soft plastic, or some other type of resin. Time to start on the other half of his body

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    This looks awesome, I love the leathery wings.

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    @Gorb: Thanks mate!!!

    Just about a month with this guy on the table. He is really nice to pick up and paint when I need to do the mindless grind, as I am hitting each and every scale. But it seems like every session he is closer and closer to being done! Need to finish up the tale, belly scales, top of one wing, and the inside of the mouth. Then, I will need to paint the flame piece that is supposed to fit in his mouth and work up the base. Any basing ideas on this one? Or do we just keep it simple?

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    A bit more work done, painting has been slow this week. What do you think of the breath? Still to finish, the rest of the upper portion of one wing, the belly, and the horns and claws.

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    That’s terrific man !!!! Wow whoa wowzers .

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    I am stuck on the lovely wings, but the breath is nice too.

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    Yeah, I'l loving the wings too! And the constrast in the scales on the skin is great!

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    Thanks for the great comments all! He was a blast to paint!

    Let there be more dragons!

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    Four hours in, need to finish the scales on the left side of the body, the base, and the eyes.

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    I approve.
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    @Dragonreach: Thanks! I hope you liked the final product!!!

    Reaper Miniatures
    Sculptor: Sandra Garrity

    Next up, the young Forest Dragon! Should be a bit of fun, except I shipped all of my terrain building things!!! So, I went into the yard and gathered a few twigs that seem to work well enough. Also, a pot of GW Aggrellan Earth and some coffee grounds! This is going to be delicious to paint!

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