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    Question Setting up shop- need advice

    Hi All

    I hope you can help, me & my business partner are going into business similar to Asmodee looking to mainly sell CMON attachments & figurines the rarer stuff ideally, I have a few questions I was hoping to put through to you guys (the experts)
    Has anyone had any experience in this & could advise me on an bookkeeping software? I spent weeks looking into this, going through quickbook forums like it was going out of fashion & Xero, I'm leaning towards Ember but I was curious to see if anyone had guidance on this.
    Also On terms of premises, is it worth having a shop in your opinion? Or just stick to online? I know in this current climate a shop might be silly, but I was curious to ask if it's still somewhere people often go to & could give me a good financial return. (I've been following this guide for advice but again if anyone has experience it would be widely appreciated!
    Finally, any tips you could provide on doing this independently will always be welcome & I shall try to help as best I can.



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    Hi all! I need your help. I want to move my business to the Internet. The functionality of the site is almost ready. But I have a question about web design. How important is it that the site has a unique design or can I use a template version? This affects only the appearance or site promotion as well?
    And please tell me to create a unique design can hire individual freelancers or better to contact a creative firm to attract a team of experienced designers.
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