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    Too much color? The black horse hair wasn't working.

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    I think you need something more with the horse hair. Maybe a bit of one of your other colors in the highlight?

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    @Krulebear: Like this?

    Ok, so I need some help. The glowing runes just don't seem to be working like I want. Any tips?

    Also, keep the armor darker, or brighten it back up a bit? Thought process (story wise) is that Kael is an overseer for an oil field in the Chaos Dwarf Lands. So the base is going to get some oil field type goodness.... at least I hope.

    Anyway, any tips at this point? Plan to wrap him up soon. Still need to do the boar fur (thinking grey???).

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    Thumbs up on the plume.

    Isee what you say with the runes…They definitely don’t come off as glowing. It looks like they are shaded a bit like nmm. To glow they should have a consistent brightness across them. Maybe paint white (or a light yellow) then build the edges of the ruins up with the orange.

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    @Krulebear: I did just what you recommended! I think it worked.

    Two things, one, KAEL is almost done. Started doing his base. He is wet right now (think slimy oil field!!) and I will post his update to the Chaos Dwarves Army Thread once he is ready. The second... the other Dwarf, mounted on the Oxen, of which I thought I took completed photo's, is now wrapped in bubble wrap and making his journey to Germany. So, I must have deleted the finished photo's!!! Anyway, I will get him up and posted proper in a month or two once my stuff arrives.

    So... what next....

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