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Thread: Mousekiller's Lords, Ladies, Heroes and Champions WIP

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    Laid down some base color, I think it is the right direction? Any pointers before I really begin on the fine lady?

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    Now that’s beautiful

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    @BloodASmedium: Thanks mate! Good to see you around again!

    Did some work last night. The dress, skin, horse skin, horse hair are pretty much done. Not sure on the skin yet, as I said before I am not used to painting such fair skin. Any advice on how to shade it better? Better way to make it just a little more rosy on the face? Do I need to bring out the red in the lips more? What do you think?

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    It is amazing to see how many projects you're running in parallel. How do you manage this tremendous amount of work?
    I'm jealous :-)

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    @Graishak: Many of the units are old work, just getting new pictures as my picture taking has gotten better. For the rest, I have quickly realized (just started up again after about a years break) that I have to concentrate on about three projects at the same time (I used to have about 10 going at once!). So, for now the active projects are this damsel, the dwarf unit, and the dragon (and working the next two projects as far as basing goes).

    Did some lining, and highlights in other areas. My wife says the horse is too dark! Kind of my niche, but I am trying for something more vibrant. Tips at this point?

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    She’s really beautiful. Wow mouse .:0

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    @BloodASmedium: Thanks mate. I am looking at the pictures now... and I think I will use them as a guide as to where to better place the highlights on her skin. I still think her skin is just off...

    Still a few days left on our damsel, but I needed to get started on the next hero in order to prep his base. I rolled on the random generator a few days ago, and the results were.... (intense moment of dramatic pause)...


    I present... BROKK HEFFERSWORN. Manufactured by Westwind Productions for the DWARF WARS line.

    The first block shows him as he looks out of the box. Picture two shows a hunk of pink insulation foam glued to a 50x50mm base with a bit of sand around it. Also, took the time to drill a few holes for paperclips to hold the miniature on the base, and one to hold the rider on the mount. Additionally, I sculpted a bit of saddle to help Brokk stay properly mounted. The third picture shows what it looks like after covering the pink foam with a mix of glue and black paint (you don't want to primer to touch it, it will melt it). The last picture shows everything primed and ready to paint. And, easy as that, he is ready to start painting.... Just as soon as we finish the final touches on our damsel!!!!

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    Ok, here we go with another update. We are getting really close with her. Going to start adding vegetation soon, but from what I see I still need to hit the racoons eyes, do some more with the water effects, and tighten up some highlights. Any other recommendations?

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    With the lady complete, time to start on the next character model - Brok Heffersworn!

    Thus far, we have about an hour of work put into the base.

    And now, we are 1 hour in to painting! Going to try to be disciplined and time how long each mini takes to paint! Most everything so far has been done with contrast paint, over top of white primer that was washed with Agrax Earthshade.

    Wyldwood Contrast for the Brown and bone bits, Ultramarine Blue Contrast, Ork Flesh Contrast, Gryph Hound Orange, Gullimans Flesh contrast, Black Templar Contrast.

    On the Yak it is Word Bearers Red, and some Wyldwood Contrast laid on the uppermost portion.

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    Worked on the YAK a bit. Dry brushed with Mournfang Brown, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. I then highlighted the hair with Deathclaw Brown, followed by Balor Brown, followed by Lugganath Orange. The metal bits have received Grey Knights Steel. Gold Bits got Retributor Gold. The skin got Emporers Children on the nose, fingers, elbows and lips. Followed this with a base of Bugmans glow on Broks skin and the Yaks Nose and ears.

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    Hour 3 -

    Highlighted the skin and Yak muzzle using Cadian Fleshtone, Kislev Flesh, and Flayed One Flesh.
    Highlighted the beard using Wild Riders Red, Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright, and Yriel Yellow
    Highlighted the top of the Yak with Skavenblight Dinge, Stormvermin Fur, and Administratium Grey.
    Washed the Yak fur (just the upper portion) with a very diluted Gryph Hound Orange, then Washed the very top (the dark part) with Agrex Earthshade.

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    You're fast my friend. Very good progress for such a small amount of time.

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    @Graishak - I am trying to get better at finishing things, lol! I have about an hour left to have this one completed for the competition this week at the store. Instead of painting in store, we agreed to pick any miniature and have it painted within the week.

    Hour 4. Worked on the Blue bits, the wood bits, the leather bits, and the bone bits!

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    Ok, so I had to rush to get him almost complete for this past weeks local painting competition. Still a few small things to be done on him when I get him back this weekend, but please let me know if you see anything as well!

    Also, I rolled on the random generator for what to paint next in the "hero" category.... MOUNTED CHAOS DWARF. This could be interesting.

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    While Brok is getting judged in a local contest, time for the next hero!

    Next up, Kael the Irrascible from Rackham Confrontation. Rolled a Mounted Chaos Dwarf Lord on the random generator, and this is the first one I dug out from the box! Also, since he is mostly metal, I decided to use the GW Boltgun Metal Primer... first time for this so lets see how it goes!

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    1 HOUR complete! Not bad so far, a lot of base coating. Also, trying to tint my armour a slight shade of purple using contrast paints. We will see....

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    Another hour done on Kael. Mostly on his face....

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    I swear you have really leveled upon your recent minis. And with impressive speed.

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    @Krulebear: Thanks mate!!!!

    On to hour three, which really comprises of the red bits. It took an entire hour because I re-did it a few times. I am thinking that I need to make the gems a different color? Green maybe? Also, the glowing runes on the sword... was going to originally make them red, but now I am thinking green as well? Thoughts?

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