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    Default Mousekiller's Lords, Ladies, Heroes and Champions WIP

    As I am nearing completion of the Goblin Assassin, I used my newly made random geneator to figure out what I would paint next in the Hero category... and what do you think it was? Exactly, the cleanest, most unforgiving, and in my opinion, hardest miniature types to paint: The noblest Bretonnians (if you don't know what a Bretonnian is, just think King Arthurs Court). Not only a Bretonnian, but one mounted on a monstrous beast. Dug through the miniature cabinet, and came up with this beauty (even added a small little Reaper Miniatures raccoon for good luck!).

    Manufacturer: Games Workshop for the primary model, Reaper Miniatures for the raccoon

    Sculptor: Unknown?

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    Laid down some base color, I think it is the right direction? Any pointers before I really begin on the fine lady?

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    Now that’s beautiful

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    @BloodASmedium: Thanks mate! Good to see you around again!

    Did some work last night. The dress, skin, horse skin, horse hair are pretty much done. Not sure on the skin yet, as I said before I am not used to painting such fair skin. Any advice on how to shade it better? Better way to make it just a little more rosy on the face? Do I need to bring out the red in the lips more? What do you think?

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    It is amazing to see how many projects you're running in parallel. How do you manage this tremendous amount of work?
    I'm jealous :-)

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    @Graishak: Many of the units are old work, just getting new pictures as my picture taking has gotten better. For the rest, I have quickly realized (just started up again after about a years break) that I have to concentrate on about three projects at the same time (I used to have about 10 going at once!). So, for now the active projects are this damsel, the dwarf unit, and the dragon (and working the next two projects as far as basing goes).

    Did some lining, and highlights in other areas. My wife says the horse is too dark! Kind of my niche, but I am trying for something more vibrant. Tips at this point?

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