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Thread: Swords and Mag the Mighty card Hurl Boulder

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    Default Swords and Mag the Mighty card Hurl Boulder

    If a free folk player takes the swords NCU zone, can she target an unengaged giant unit and play the card 'Hurl Boulder'?

    1. No. As the giant does not have a valid melee target he cannot be targeted by swords, therefore the giant cannot perform an action, so the trigger for 'hurl boulder' never occurs.
    2. Yes. As the card enables a ranged attack, he can use swords to perform an attack action.

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    If we walk through the steps of resolution it would happen as follows:

    1. Unit is targeted by Swords Zone.
    2. Swords Zone resolves (selecting Melee or Ranged Attack). At this point you'd need to be able to legally fulfill the effects (engaged for Melee, unengaged/unit in range for Ranged).
    3. Unit would perform the Action <---- This is the moment that the Tactics Card would trigger.

    So going by resolution steps, seems you wouldn't be able to ever legally combine Swords Zone and Hurl Bolder, because in order to reach the trigger for Hurl Bolder via Swords, you'd have to be A. Engaged, thus making it so you cant make the ranged attack or B. Be able to legally perform a Ranged Attack upon resolving Swords, which Giants cannot do.

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