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    Default Simultaneous Actions & Game Mode Triggers

    From Rulebook page 21, Simultaneous Actions covers the sequence if both players wish to resolve triggering an effect.
    What about if one of the triggers is due to Game Mode?

    Intuitively I would guess it goes after both players resolve their triggers/actions, but asking because well, this affects scoring and winning/losing and can be a stickler for some...

    Specific interaction, in Dance of Dragons, the game mode indicates
    "After completing a Melee Attack on a unit Controlling an Objective, if the Attacker has more remaining ranks than the Defender, they Claim the Objective token from them."

    Loras' card "Growing Strong" indicates
    "After a friendly unit completes an Attack:
    For each enemy rank destroyed by this Attack, that unit restores 2 Wounds.
    If this targets Loras Tyrell's unit, restore +1 Wound per enemy rank destroyed."

    In this case, Loras' unit which has 1 rank, attacks an enemy unit that has 2 ranks. He reduces the enemy unit to 1 rank, then plays Growing Strong to restore his unit to 2 ranks.

    Presumably after that the Game Mode's "simultaneous action/trigger" would go off, then Loras' unit claims the Objective yes?
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    Just want to give this one a bump so its not lost in the shuffle.

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    Quick bump in case this gets missed.

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    In the case of Game Mode triggers they should be played as friendly to the player, eg, they choose the resolution.

    In this case the active player would determine if they wish to resolve the Game Mode trigger or the Tactics Card (which, unless some strange event, they should probably choose the Tactics Card).
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    a clarification please,if only the non-active player has played a tactic card with the same time window with the dance of the dragon mode(donals LASH OUT) who chooses what happens first?after lash out the attacker doesnt have more ranks than the defender,who controlls the objective?

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