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    I'm currently working model (the void dragon). And I'm not very good at painting staff so far... so I'm really not sure. I used Vallejo paints as base but I don't have two colors of the same paint that I wanted to use for the details. Can I apply details with acrylic markers over another paint? Or is it a bad idea and I need to buy colors I need? I have these markers: Can somebody tell me what is better to do?
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    you can. When I tried to do it (with another brand) they took a bit longer to dry, so take 10-20 min break.
    They may not be that good for detail though, the end of these pens are usually pretty large compared to the figures.

    Also while it should be ok to work on it after it dryed, but I'd seal it with a layer of matt varnish just to be sure before continuing.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thank you for the advice! Yeah, the usual ones are a little bit thick, I guess, but I have extra fine set, so I was going to use it. I think it should work.

    Anyway, I'm going to try. Thanks a lot!

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    Take the advice to seal your work with varnish. Test it out on a spare mini first. Last 2 times I tried different brands of markers I ended up painting over part of it I didn’t like. It didn’t matter how many layers of paint or varnish I used the markers showed through the paint. It would look opaque at first but as the paint dried the marker bled through. It was an expensive mistake to make.

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