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    KHAZRAK THE ONE EYE, Beastlord -- 270 points

    Lords: 100% Heroes: 0% Core: 0% Special: 0% Rare: 0%

    Total Points: 270.

    Increments of War (the army shot - and I know this one is not much of a shot, it will get bigger):

    The howls of imperial hounds could be heard in the distance, with the scent of their prey on the wind. But the prey was not worried, with his muscular legs and hooved feet, he could easily outrun any domesticated beast. Filth is what they were, eating from the hands of men and doing man’s bidding as if they had no other choice in the matter. A rare day, to catch the terror of the Drakwald by surprise, but he had been distracted. He could feel another presence in his forest, something foreboding. The empire army had seemed just as surprised, but they outnumbered his small skirmish band nearly ten to one. It was of no consequence, another few hours and he would be completely rid of them, and deep in the heart of the Drakwald again, back to the herd stone, where even the hounds of man dared not enter.
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    The scourge of Middenland, Beast Lord of the Drakenwald, and nemesis to Boris Todbringer, Khazrak One-Eye has proven to be one of the most tactical and brutal beast lords to ever rise to power. Although starting as a herd-leader, Khazrak sooned gained dominance over nearly all the beast herds within the Drakwald, and after losing his eye to Boris Todbringer has stepped up his brutality against the empire. Though many other Beast Lords would have been challenged for leadership because of such a wound, Khazrak has actually become more aggressive and dangerous. Soon after, he managed to lure Boris Todbringer, the Elector Count of Middenland, into a well devised trap where he returned the favor and gouged out the Elector's eye with the tip of a beast horn. He could have killed him that day, but chose to let him live so that their game of cat and mouse could continue.

    Manufacturer: Games Workshop
    Sculptor: Unknown
    Completed: December, 2014


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