Does Swift Strike Target?
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Thread: Does Swift Strike Target?

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    Default Does Swift Strike Target?

    Swift Strike ability reads: " After this attack is completed, this unit may perform 1 Retreat Action "

    Target definition: " TARGET: This refers to the chosen recipient of an Ability or effect(such as Orders or Tactics Cards) "

    Swift Strike is automatically triggered, but there is still a choice for the unit to receive the effect or not, so my guess is yes it targets the unit with swift strike, but from what I've seen this one is a 50/50 split amongst the community.

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    I wouldn't say Swift Strike targets anymore than any other "Attack Ability" targets, which is to say, they don't. You're never "choosing" what unit to use them on, or if they are even ever in effect; they are always on and in effect. In this situation it is just giving you the option to Retreat or not (versus something like Bastard's Girls Attack that always makes the enemy Vulnerable). That doesn't suddenly make the ability something that's targeting the unit, it's just making it optional (which isn't a conditional factor in what does/doesn't target).

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    Swift Strike does not target anything. It is an Attack Ability, thus always active, not optional, just like Sundering, Critical Blow, "Before rolling dice, restore 1 Wound", etc. The only difference is it, in its specific rules text, it gives you the option as to whether you want to make the Retreat Action or not ("may")- utilizing the Ability was never an option, it's always active, only fulfillment of its effect was a choice, again, due to the text.
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