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    Hi all

    another question (apologize for spam but want those topics easier to find by serch) form last game.

    When control of tactic board start?

    Why I ask? We had very strange situation during our game.

    Order of thing that happened:
    1) Olena Tyrell claim TB and nominate enemy NCU with second bullet of "Pulling weeds" skill that said "If that NCU claim a zone this Round, before resolving that zone effect, target 1 enemy Combat Unit. They suffer D3 hits and becomes Weekened"
    2) Nominated NCU claim Wealth on tactic board (bag)

    and here we had our case. Olena player chose unit of stormcrow archers with Bron to take those D3 hits. Bron skill":Loyalty through coin" said "when you control Wealth (bag), this unit gains +1 to defense Dice rolls and +1 to morale test."

    we roll off to make game easier (Bron gives those +1 to save) but for us this is surely for clarification

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    You Control a zone the moment an NCU is placed on it.

    In this specific case, once the NCU is placed on the zone it is immediately now being Controlled by that player. The Stormcrows would gain their +1 to Defense Dice rolls vs Olena's Ability.
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