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    Are the +1s cumulative. I.e. if I control the letter and target my commander is that a total of 3 hits dealt/blocked or is it only 2?

    Thank you.
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    Unless the card says the effects aren't cumulative you'd get each benefit listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alliser Thorne View Post
    Unless the card says the effects aren't cumulative you'd get each benefit listed.
    This is correct, for the reason given.
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    this is fine, but i think the OP is asking: is the +1 for controlling the letters and the comment about targeting your commander two separate listed benefits or an alternate way of meeting the condition for getting the +1.

    while the ruling is that unless mentioned as non-cumulative they do in fact stack, that doesn't not help with grammatical clarification if the conditions are meant to be two be separate conditions for two separate bonuses or merely an alternate condition for the same bonus effect.

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    Picture, for reference of exact wording used.

    For what it is worth, this reads exactly like an IF/OR statement, but the answers here seem to indicate that it is in fact 2 mutually exclusive IF statements.

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    Oxford comma, two separate instances, their effects read like they should stack, but I agree that the wording is certainly ambiguous.

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