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    Default Flayed Man Has No Secrets and targeting

    1. I have some questions about how Flayed Man Has No Secrets interacts with various effects/abilities and when they need to be played.

    1. Qhorin: the rules seem to say that you kill Qhorin and then only after this is done target a unit. So that would mean I could prevent Qhorin’s ability but he remains destroyed. Is that correct?

    2. Tycho: does Tycho need to declare all of his targets and where the wounds will be restored before playing Flayed Man Has No Secrets or can they say where one wound will be restored, wait to see if Flayed Man Has No Secrets before declaring where the other wounds will be restored?

    3. Tywin: Again does Tywin need to declare all targets before Flayed Man Has No Secrets. If so, does Flayed Man Has No Secrets cancel all effects targeting that unit or is it limited to one.

    4. Supply Aid: are the wounds removed and then another unit targeted or does this happen simultaneously?

    5. Expert Duelist: can FMHNS stop both the wound and the remove an attachment, just stop the remove the attachment, or can’t stop Expert Duelist at all?

    Many thanks.
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