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    Dragons ignore terrain when Maneuvering and Marching.

    Dangerous does 2 things:

    Units performing actions while in the terrain suffer wounds before resolving that action
    units moving into the terrain suffer wounds

    how do these interact if a dragon chooses to end its movement on a dangerous terrain piece?

    My understanding is, on their first action they declare a maneuver, then move into the terrain, because they are maneuvering they ignore the terrain, even in spite of ending the maneuver on it, by the time they are no longer maneuvering they are also not meeting either clause for dangerous.
    On a subsequent action, even if they perform a maneuver, because they suffer damage before resolving the action, they suffer the damage before they are maneuvering and able to ignore the terrain.
    Is this correct?

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    Dragons will ignore the effects of Dangerous while Maneuvering or Marching. It does not matter where they are in relation to this Terrain.

    Should they perform any other Action, they will suffer Wounds as usual (as their Ability offers no protection here).
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