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    Default New England ASOIF?

    Anyone playing in New England? Any stores supporting the game with organized play? Two players based in Rhode Island looking for both players and a place to play.

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    Im a long time wargamer just getting into ASoIaF Im in Halifax MA There is a hobby shop in Carver MA called Round Table

    Ill travel to RI

    You can look here for organized play although most of these stores are probably listed for CMON boardgames

    Text me
    617 633 8202 Craig Tower

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    Hi Craig:

    Thanks for the note. A good percentage of the stores aren’t even open or doing in person gaming anymore. Seems like there may be some players up at Great Stories game store in Oxbridge. Going to check it out his weekend. I’ll drop you a text with my contact info this weekend.


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    Hi Mike

    Send me a text we can meet up somehow ...stores in MA are open tables Ive been in touch with them

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    If you get a strange text from a Maine number it’s me…

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    no text yet...if u want to leave me your number or email ill reach out to you?

    I have a friend in Western MA and one in Marthas Vineyard who have armies

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