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    If joffrey claims a zone on the tactics board does he get to choose which order he resolves the zone and the opponent applying the token or does the opponent applying that panicked token count as an effect controlled by the opponent making them resolve after the zones effect?

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    I guess this is the same issue regarding "Promise of Fire", which resolves when an enemy NCU claims a tactic zone.

    Do "when an NCU Claims" or "each time an NCU Claims" happen before the claiming action itself? Or do they happen in the same time of the claiming action, so the active player goes first?

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    Not really, I'm asking whether joffrey panic ability counts as being controlled by the enemy for purposes of the simultaneous actions rules.

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    Joffrey's effect originates from the Joffrey NCU Ability. This is not an effect of your opponent.

    This is a case of Simultaneous Events controlled by the same player, eg, they choose the resolution order.
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