Fueled by Slaughter and Defender destroyed
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Thread: Fueled by Slaughter and Defender destroyed

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    Default Fueled by Slaughter and Defender destroyed

    If defender is destroyed by the attack, Fueled by Slaughter:

    1. heals 1+3 wounds because defender has 3 destroyed ranks?

    2. heals 1 wound, because defender does not exist during resolution?

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    I'd also be curious to know how this applies to things such as Greatjon's Berzerker Tactics.

    He can plausibly make a unit that has lost all 12 wounds attack using Last Stand, would such a unit then deal 1+3 automatic wounds for having 3 missing ranks?

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    If a unit is destroyed she's considered to have 3 destroyed ranks for effects resolution. So fueled by slaughter would result in the attacker restoring 1+3.
    Same reasoning for great Jon umber tactic cards. Berserker tactic would inflict 1+3 Wounds on a last stand

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    Destroyed (Infantry) units would, by game definitions, have three destroyed ranks. Otherwise they wouldn't be destroyed.

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    I add that. Destroyed ranks depends on the unit you destroyed. Kingsard is an infantry that can have up to 2 destroyed ranks and freedmen only 1 for example. Same goes for cavalry they are up to 2 destroyed ranks and only one for solos.
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