Parlay (and similar cards like Addrivat) and cavalry maneuver
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Thread: Parlay (and similar cards like Addrivat) and cavalry maneuver

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    Default Parlay (and similar cards like Addrivat) and cavalry maneuver

    There's a number of cards that trigger when a unit activates, and then have an effect within a certain range of the activated unit. Parlay for example targets an enemy in short range which activates and performs no actions. It says the originally activated unit "performs no actions this turn"

    If you were to for example activate a Dragonstone Noble, would you be able to declare the free cavalry maneuver AND Parlay, choose the resolution order as they are both friendly effects, maneuver the unit, then resolve the parlay forbidding the unit from any further actions and activating the enemy unit?

    Similarly Drogo could potentially activate with no units in long range, maneuver and then select a target for Addrivat in 12 inches after.

    This seems consistent with the FAQ ruling that cavalry near Taunt units get to resolve their cavalry maneuver before Taunt is resolved against them. Is this accurate?

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    Your question still stands for all other similar effects (such as Addrivat)...

    But it doesn't hold water for Parlay. Parlay only works if the targeted unit performs no actions this activation. That would include any free actions granted. This was the ruling at least prior to v2021.

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    Are you certain about that FAQ? The old wording was just "as it's action" not that it specifically performs no actions, I wouldn't imagine this would have resulted in that FAQ and seems at odds with the way Ride By Attack is written currently, which specifically seems to allow the free maneuver before the "as it's action" text kicks in.

    I feel like the fact that it's a stipulation rather than a condition still leaves open the possibility that it's merely an instruction to perform no further actions once you resolve the card.

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    Ride-by-Attack states "when...selects its Action during its Activation". That is very clearly after the free maneuver granted by being cavalry.

    Parlay states "When...Activates". Which is the exact same as v1.6 Cunning Ploy. Which was ruled as not allowing Cavalry to perform their free maneuver.

    This is all assuming that CMON remains consistent with that ruling.

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    The first line of Parlay is "That Unit cannot perform Actions this Turn".

    No, you cannot perform a Maneuver Action after playing Parlay.
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