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    On a previous ruling given on this forum it was clarified that scorpions can draw line of sight from any part of their tray for purposes of triggering the overwatch order.

    Why is this the case? The ignoring line of sight is specifically an ability tied to the attack, I assumed that abilities marked by the ranged or melee attack icon could only be applied to those attacks. If this is not the case, is there a general way to tell when an ability applies to that attack only or whether it can be applied for purposes other than the attack.

    For example nothing in the text of the bolt thrower ability says that the 2 wounds for each unlocked hit apply exclusively to the ranged attack but the icon, so I would assume it can't be used in melee, but the rule that lets it trace line of sight isn't exclusive to the ranged attack but can apply for other purposes?

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    First, this isn't actually a rules question. This is questioning the answer given to a rule, which I don't actually see as being fully benfifical here.

    Second, to your comment about "ignoring melee". No, this is pure extrapolation trying to take one comment and forcing it into another answer (which doesn't work). You cannot perform Ranged Attacks while engaged. The rules state this very plainly. Line of Sight plays zero part in that, which is what you're trying to apply here.

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    Sorry if I worded that poorly and I admit it's more of a why it works like this question than a real rules question. I'm not asking whether you can make a ranged attack in melee more making the point that the only thing that ties viscous and it's other abilities to ranged attacks and not melee ones is the ranged icon, so clearly the ranged icon is meant to limit where you can use the abilities in some way(like using them only in a ranged attack and not for anything else) but the drawing line of sight from any part of the tray ability even though it's it's in the ranged icon ability can apply to situations outside of the ranged attack (like triggering overwatch).

    So my question put quite plainly is, "why can scorpions trace line of sight from anywhere on their tray outside of ranged attacks"
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    I think it’s a reasonable question given the wording in the rulebook and that he didn’t reference this part in his ruling. I’d also like to understand more about his rationale in case it has wider implications rather than just being case specific.

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    I agree this issue is not fully answered.
    Just trying to get some attention to it.

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