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    Question Dark Winds Mission Questuons

    What happens first Careless Agression or Dark wind Special Rules effect?
    Both at start of round.

    *Before deployment, draw and reveal 2 Mission cards.These
    are the Active Missions. Then draw and reveal 2 additional
    Mission cards and place them neat the Active Missions. These
    are the Reserve Missions.
    • Beginning on Round 3, at the start of each Round, discard
    the 2 Active Missions and replace them with the 2 Reserve
    Missions. Draw 2 Missions from the Mission Deck to replace
    the Reserve Missions. If the Mission Deck runs out of cards,
    shuffle all discarded Missions to form a new deck.

    And other question
    Looks like by RAW you dont replace Reserve mission by other one when discard it with NCU

    ‘‘Discard 1 Active Mission and replace it with a
    Reserve Mission, or discard 1 Reserve Mission, drawing a new
    Reserve Mission from the deck.’’

    it is intended or just mistake?

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    1. Game Mode effects are treated as friendly effects for Simultaneous Effects. The player of Careless Aggression would decide the order of resolution.
    2. Yes, you replace the Reserve Mission card when the NCU effect is utilized.
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