Regroup and Reform with multiple attachments
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Thread: Regroup and Reform with multiple attachments

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    Default Regroup and Reform with multiple attachments

    The second paragraph of the Regroup and Reform card allows you to select one of the following two options:

    1. move one attachment from one of the targeted units to the other (replacing one model as normal and keeping usual attachment restrictions); OR
    2. switch two friendly attachments in those units

    The second option does not have any requirement to keep the usual attachment restrictions, although obviously since it's a swap a unit can't exceed the number of attachments it has at the time the card is played. However, there are several ways a unit might have multiple attachments during a game, such as if playing against a lannister player with Maimed Jamie or Turncoats, or if the free folk player took Harma's Bannerman.

    To confirm, can the second option above be used to swap e.g. Maimed Jamie and a free folk attachment from an other unit, resulting in one unit with just Maimed Jamie and another unit with two (beneficial) free folk attachments?

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    Just bumping this - anyone have a dissenting interpretation to the above?

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