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    Default List-of-all-the-things-Stark - and who gets targeted

    Targeting is the focal point of a lot of questions on this board, therefore I thought it might be usefull to have a comprehensive list, by faction, of all the effects available to them and who, if at all, gets targeted when applied.
    Most things are clear, some are not, especially for new players.
    And I know a lot of people will chime in and give their answers, but it would still be nice to have this list officially answered, and maybe even get this pinned for easier reference.
    If this works I´ll do the other factions too, so one day targeting will be cleared up and we can live in happiness and peace.

    Tactics Deck:
    Winters Might
    Nothern Ferocity
    Devastating Impact
    The North Remembers
    Winter is Coming
    Swift Reposition
    Assault Order


    Brynder Tully – The Blackfish:

    Stand your Ground
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Set for Charge
    - Refuse to Yield
    - War Cry

    Brynden Tully – Outrider Commander
    Order: Sentinel
    Elusive Escape
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Ride-by-attack
    - Ride the Down!
    - Marshal

    Eddard Stark – Lord of Winterfell
    Rally Cry
    Iron Resolve
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Nothern Defiance
    - Lead by Example
    - Fury of the Fallen

    Greatjon Umber – Lord of the Last Hearth
    Order: Overrun
    Order: Reckless Heroism
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    -Berserker Tactics
    - Lash out
    - Last Stand

    Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs
    Order: Superior Flanking
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Crannog Traps
    - Bog Devil Ambush
    - The Threat Unseen

    Robb Stark – The wolf Lord
    Order: Tactical Reposition
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Sudden Retreat
    - Superior Positioning
    - Hit And Run

    Rodrik Cassel – Master-at-Arms
    Order: Mark Target
    Boldness and Courage
    Commander Tactics Cards:
    - Combat Prowess
    - Martial Superiority
    - Press the Advantage


    Crannogman Trackers
    Order: Hidden Traps
    Order Swift retreat


    House Mormont She-Bears
    Order: Warcry
    Resolute Strikes

    House Tully Cavaliers

    House Tully Sworn Shields
    Order: Shieldwall
    Stubborn Tenacity

    House Umber Berserkers
    Berserker Axes

    House Umber Greataxes
    Executioner´s Fury

    Savage Mauling

    Stark Bowmen
    Arrow Volley

    Stark Sworn Swords
    Order: Stark Fury

    Stark Outrider
    Order: Swift Retreat

    Bran´s Protector

    Unit Attachements:

    Bran and Hodor – Protector and Ward

    Brynden Tully – Unyielding Knight
    Iron Resolve

    Brynden Tully – Vanguard Infiltrator
    Order: Mark Target

    Crannogman Survivalist
    Elusive Escape

    Crannogman Warden
    Order: Overwatch

    Greatjon Umber – Fierce Bannerman
    Order: To the Last!
    Furious Charge

    Jojen Reed – Greensight
    Maege Mormont – The She-Bear
    Go down Fighting

    Meera Reed – Cunning Trapper
    Order: Hidden Traps

    Mormont Veteran

    Rickon Stark – Prince of Winterfell

    Robb Stark – The Young Wolf
    Order: Swift Retreat
    Enhanced Mobility

    Sworn Sword Captain
    Order: Martial Training

    Umber Champion
    Order: Incite

    Winterfell Guardian
    Stubborn Tenacity


    Arya Stark – The Wolf Girl

    Never do what they expect

    Catelyn Stark – Lady of Winterfell
    Family, Duty, Honor

    Eddard Stark – Warden of the North
    Bravery in the Face of Death

    Howland Reed – Protector of the Neck
    Hunter´s Guile

    Rodrik Cassel – Combat Veteran
    Martial Expertise

    Sansa Stark – Little Bird
    Repeating Words

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    I think this list will wind up being a spider's web of possibilities...considering that each of these conditions and abilities have conditions of WHEN they apply, WHOM they apply to, what effects are applied, and possible secondary or tertiary effects will result as well. It's seldom quite so cut and dried as "this targets Bob...and only Bob...forever"...unless the card specifically says so.

    I'll give an example:

    Winter's Might: The initial part is the condition of WHEN this triggers "When a friendly unit is performing a Melee Attack, before rolling Attack Dice"...then WHAT is affected, "This attack"...then what happens, "gains Sundering and
    may re-roll any Attack Dice"...and continues on to aftereffects.

    But the initial question of whom is targeted by the effect is answered, "This attack".

    If you mean whom can be targeted by the card, the answer is "a friendly unit is performing a Melee Attack"

    And if you are asking who is targeted by the effect, well, that would be the unfortunate recipient of that melee attack...hopefully a Lannister...

    So, perhaps I'm misunderstanding your intent here. Which target do you wish to create a list for?


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