Duplicate orders and once per game effects on 1 unit
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Thread: Duplicate orders and once per game effects on 1 unit

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    Default Duplicate orders and once per game effects on 1 unit

    Can duplicate orders on the same unit be used off of different triggers? Example: if you placed Tywin Lannister in Lannister Guardsmen, could you use both the Lannister Supremacy orders on the unit in 1 round (not off the same trigger).

    Can duplicate once per game abilities be used on the same unit off of different triggers? Example: if you placed 2 Turncloaks in 1 enemy unit, could they each resolve their effects in a game (not off the same trigger).

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    Units can't have Duplicate Abilities, per the Ability Stacking rules: You either do or do not have an Ability. So in your case, putting Tywin in Lannister Guards isn't going to do anything, because you can't give a unit with "Order: Lannister Supremacy" "Order: Lannister Supremacy" any more than you could give a unit with "Sundering" more "Sundering".

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    I would prefer an official answer. Abilities cannot stack, and orders are abilities, but what is considered stacking? Is stacking using the same ability on the same trigger? Or is stacking just having an ability multiple times on a unit? Once an order is used, is the unit still considered to have that order? Or could a second duplicate order be played later in the round as the unit no longer has the first order.

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    While some complex questions require an official clatification, some don't (and I can 100% gurantee you, this one doesn't). Allisser Thorne - as his past answers and his status of senior member can attest - as a good knowledge and understanding of the rules (even f it's always possible for someone to be wrong from time to time). This answer is based on the rulebook and there's no interpretation. Furthermore, members of Cmon may need time to answer (something easily understable), you already have an answer before getting an official confirmation.
    I hope you don't read me as being agressive

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    The above answers are correct for the reasons stated.

    There is no situation in the game where a unit can, ever, have multiple instances of an Ability, period. It doesn't matter if you're trying to create separate "similar but different instances" of the same Ability (eg, a Once-per-game that has or hasn't been used), it doesn't matter. Units having Abilities are binary "Yes" or "No".
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