Kingsguard Vs Expert Duelist + Healing
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Thread: Kingsguard Vs Expert Duelist + Healing

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    Default Kingsguard Vs Expert Duelist + Healing

    Hihi, I am not sure if this question was asked.

    But what if Joff gets killed by someone with Expert duelist and the Lannister player chooses to heal the unit thru other effects? do a 8th Kingsguard Model (from somewhere) gets placed on the 8th slot?

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    The rules state that Characters are never returned, and instead replaced with a generic model of the unit.

    The kingsguard themselves are generic models for the unit, so you'd replace the 8th slot with a generic "kingsguard" stand-in.

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    Righto, Thx Alliser.

    Guess I will draft someone from the King's Landing College Varsity Team.

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    The above answer is correct for the reason stated. Attachments are NEVER returned to units unless a rule explicitly calls for it.
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