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    Ok, the last steps (of course, you can always go back and touch things up as required, which I may do with some small things). Now, we just have to paint 10 more of them to complete the unit of 15! I also recommend doing the grass before the leaf clutter, but to be fair I went out and bought them specifically because of these beasts and the forest dragon!

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    Ok, after a two month move half way across the world... I have finally gotten something on the table.

    The Halfling Spear Regiment has begun.... I will do the step by step method on the next group of 5. I didn't want to take a bunch of pauses during painting to take pictures as I felt I was on a roll.

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    Brother you are a machine when it comes to painting many many minis. Wow stellar work.

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    @Bloodasmedium: Thanks mate, I feel like I am a super slow painter sometimes though

    Quick update on the Halflings. They are coming along. Got the heads mounted and some other bits done. As I said, I will do the step by step on the next group of five of them .

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    Great job. The leather jackets looks really great. Very good translation from the reference. They look pretty small. Are they 20-something mm or even smaller? Respect painting that amount of detail on such tiny minis!

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    Halflings are still full speed ahead.... well, 1/4 speed anyway. Working on the bodies now, but not enough for an update. Been concentrating on the Chaos Warriors... 24 Khorne Warriors for the customer... and you guessed it, 16 out of the box for me. So, I will post here only the differences (not the full step by step, you can see that in the commission post)...

    To start, here is the breakdown of what comes out of the box.

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    Ok, so my unit of 16 (dubbed Blood Wolves) will be fleshed out to a unit of 20, using, handily enough, two Reaper Blood Wolves. This is what a sample:

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