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    Slight deviation from the Dwarfs, as the packers are coming and I am finding myself wanting to complete some old projects. Working through these 5 marauders (a project that has been on the table for a decade, as I was never happy with my red tones). Once done with these it will complete the unit of 20. Then, back to the dwarfs! What do you think of the red? Vibrant enough?

    So, it is confirmed. I have bubble wrapped the dwarves... They will get first dibs in line when I get all of my stuff back once I arrive to my next location (which will be in about two or three months!). I loved painting them, but no way that I would have finished them before the packers come next week. I will have to finish these five marauders though, to join with there 15 brothers that I finished painting about a decade or so ago. I have just enough time for that, I think. After that, I think I am going to hang on to a unit of 20 mantic halflings (really excited about these), as they are plastic and should fit well enough in my luggage. Will likely also keep a unit of goblin wolf riders, and a few heroes. Maybe a few other light models. You see how indecisive I can be!!!!

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    On to some beasts....

    A mix of Reaper and Games Workshop models.

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    @Codsticker: Thanks mate! Have been wanting to get this unit completed for quite some time!

    Not really happy with how the flesh looks right now. To be honest, my brush strokes are a bit harsh (new painting set up after the movers came, so the lighting is quite different). That is ok, this journey is not just about posting perfect photos, but the growth that we experience along the way! So, we will likely be going back into the flesh a bit later, but for now, lets keep it moving!

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    You're producing like a machine man! Those chaos beastman have a real nice "old school" touch.

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    @Graishak: Thanks mate! Have some time off of work, but definitely spending more time trying to get instagram up and running then I am painting!!

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