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    Zombicide Players,

    This is my First Post I know, but I'm no stranger to gaming! I just full in the LATE PLEDGE on Zombicide: Undead or Alive, and was mixed with emotions joy and disappointment over missed opportunities! Gamers truly don't want the less used 20+ ABOMINATIONS plastics. The TRUE WIN was the LONG DEAD WALKERS that show up as spawns and change the regular game up! I'm sure MOST GAMERS would trade in about 10-15 ABOMINATION plastics for just 2-3 more regular spawns that show up and change the game for the better by being fun and interesting!

    I'll give the an example CMON: for FREE (I want NOTHING in return)! Run with it....

    Infected Vultures: (Nicknamed) Dead Necks

    Special Rules: When Dead necks spawn place them directly on the closest balcony containing at least 1 survivor. If there are no survivors on balcony's, place them on the closest street/dirt road containing at least 1 survivor. If neither of these conditions are met they circle high in the sky. OFF BOARD/OUTSIDE GAME until Zombie activation phase when conditions ae met! Strangely they will never enter a building and instead will return to the sky.

    THIS IS WHAT PLAYERS WANT! A fun, more common enemy that makes the game MORE exciting! Something that will threaten Balcony snipers who are going to be way to strong. I know my rules might be a little hazy and need some fine tuning, but the thought is AWESOME right? Western themed, Vultures, more common spawn, and fun!

    Who would gladly trade in 10 ABOMINATIONS for these

    I would!


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    So maybe you can try to play mirror bingo. They actually let you play online for free, it saves me lots of time and hassle.
    This gaming platform offers a good gaming experience, it's very dynamic and easy-to-use. They have good choice of free demo games and plenty of fun.
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