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Thread: tie before round 6 in tournament

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    Default tie before round 6 in tournament

    Hello. in the tournament guide it is noted that the game ends at the end of regulation time.
    The VPs are then counted, the player who has the most wins the game. Then it is just noted that this can lead to a tie.

    how should we consider this case:
    must be counted VPs then points on the table, and if there is still a tie, the game is considered a draw, as noted in the rulebook page 26 after round 6.

    where we only count the VPs because we have not reached round 6, the points remaining on the table are not counted.

    thank you in advance and sorry for my english

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    I don't believe that the rulebook or the tournament guidelines lays out this specific scenario.

    My (unofficial) interpretation would be that the end of the 6th round is noted as the end of the game in situations where time is not a factor if victory has not been achieved before then. The end of regulation time should also be considered as an end-of-game situation. So the game should be scored in the same fashion--meaning that you *should* count the points remaining.
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