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    FREIDO HALFHAND, Mounted Sauceror - 137 Points

    Lords: 100% Heroes: 0% Core: 0% Special: 0% Rare: 0%

    Total Points: 137.

    The Moot:

    The Grand County of Mootland, better referred to as "The Moot", is an extremely fertile region located within the confines of the Empire, between the rivers Blue Reach and Aver Reach. Most of its inhabitants are farmers, as the land is full of perfect soil for growing. Its inhabitants also happen to be only half the size of a man, with hairy feet and a generally jovial continence.

    The relationship between the Elder of the Moot and the Empire is also different than that of the rest of the Electors and their holdings. Although the Empire officially "claims" the Moot as part of the Empire, it has developed into more of a mutual relationship where the Moot provides food and live stock to Altdorf, and the Empire offers the Mootland mutual protection. Some halfling units even serve on rotation as part of the Imperial Guard, and many halfling cooks and farmers are sought after to serve in household staffs. It has been rare that the Empire actually pulls the Moot into conflicts of any kind.

    And so, it was very strange for Elder Hisme Stoutheart to receive a direct missive from Karl Franz himself. It was short, to the point, and held little in the way of argument. "Ready the Mootland, war is coming. The dead stir again." The dead. It had been many years since the dead walked the lands, but the older halflings still told stories learned from their fathers of the days of the infamous Vampire Counts, and the number of people that had been brutally murdered as they ravaged the land. Many halflings had been slain as well. For Karl Franz to send him this letter meant that this was an inevitable event. He had to protect the Moot at all costs.

    Summoning his small council, he began to plan.
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    Manufactured: Mantic Games
    Sculptor: Unknown
    Completed: 16 November, 2021

    Freido Bigarns, known commonly as the Half-Hand, spent much of his youth in serving the Empire. First, as a personal chef to Karl Franz himself, where he met many court magicians who also taught him the art of sorcery. Though not a great wizard by imperial standards, Freido has learned to incorporate his magic to enhance his cooking to a great degree. Where once he was a good cook, Freido has become one of the most renown cooks within the empire.

    As personal chef to the Emperor, Freido has travelled the entire width of the realm, and even been involved in more skirmishes then he can count. The most recent being the one that has given him his new nickname in Sauerapfel, that of the Half-Hand. The empire faced off against a band of night goblins in the southern reaches, and was definitely getting the better of them until a small group of wolf riders hit the baggage train. Many of the camp followers were slain in the encounter, but Freido proved his mettle by rallying what remained of the group and launching a counter-attack, flinging every ounce of his ability at the slavering beasts as the returned for another charge. The leader of the group charged against him, and neither Freido, or his trusted mount Goldie, flinched in the face of it. The wolf proved faster then expected, and before Freido was able to launch his spell, which drenched the goblin and his mount in boiling stew, the goblin managed a swipe with his ruinous blade that sliced off Freido's index finger and thumb.

    Permitted to return to the Moot to heal, the Half-Hand was recognized by imperial proclamation as a hero. He returned to tall the fanfare the Halflings of Sauerapfel could muster, and Freido was content, for a while, to settle down. Until this morning, when a loud knocking on the door by the Sheriff of Sauerapfel awakened him before first breakfast. "Good sir," he began. "The council had a vote late last evening. We have been commanded to stand up the garrison, and, well...", he hesitated a moment, "we have voted you to lead them, if you will accept?"

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