Gilly and activation questions.
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Thread: Gilly and activation questions.

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    Default Gilly and activation questions.


    I know Mr. Shinall has already said that Gilly does not need to activate round 1. A few Orders have a "Start of Turn" trigger timing (Relentless, Supply Aid...) and that raises some questions when Gilly is involved.

    Let's imagine Gilly has not been used but the Night's Watch player has otherwise completely activated. The opposing player then takes their last activation of the round - they would normally proceed to the Clean Up Phase. However, Gilly has not been used. Does the Night's Watch player now get a turn (and hence a Start of Turn window,) whether or nor they decide to actually use Gilly?

    Secondly, can the Night's Watch player finish all of their activations, pass their turn while their opponent still has activations, but at a later point in the round come back and use Gilly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you activate your last remaining unit (other than Gilly), then your opponent takes their turn, you must then activate Gilly on your next turn if you intend on using her. Even though you don't have to declare Gilly's activation until you use her, if you do intend to use her during a round, you're subject to "a player must select an un-activated unit to activate" portion of the Activation Phase rules.

    If your opponent has more activations then you do, and they go, then go again, you have effectively passed and Gilly cannot then be activated.
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