Hello fellow Zombicide fans!
I'd like to share the first release of Zombicide Party. It is an application to enhance Zombicide experience while playing the board game.

The app help organizing all the logics and mechanics while playing it, like using a digital character sheet, counting and handling turns and rounds, counting danger levels, handling items and item effects, skills effects and leveling up, and much more.
It also allows the players to reproduce activations and weapons sounds to create a rich and intense atmosphere and a more deep playing experience.
Note that it is not a game by itself, but a tool make your gaming sessions more intense and organized. You still need a physical Zombicide tabletop game so this app can make any sense and be of any help for you.

For the moment it only supports Classic Zombicide Season 1, DogZ and Karl Kopinski's characters.

It should work on any device or computer, but using Google Chrome on a Desktop is recommended for a better experience. It has a known critical bug on some Android devices, that I couldn't yet fix.

I hope you like it! Comments are mostly welcome!

You can use it totally free here: