Barristan Selmy NCU vs. Expert Duelist Ability
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Thread: Barristan Selmy NCU vs. Expert Duelist Ability

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    Default Barristan Selmy NCU vs. Expert Duelist Ability

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if NCU Barristan Selmy's influence effect can cancel out an enemy's use of Expert Duelist to kill an infantry attachment. I know the rules for targeting probably don't apply to the ability as a whole since it always triggers on an attack regardless of the enemy, but my confusion comes from the line "Target 1 Infantry Attachment in the Defender's unit and roll a dice.". That part of the ability is specifically targeting something in which there could be multiple of in a unit. And since attachments count as part of the unit for all other rules, would Barristan be able to negate that effect?

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    According to Michael's ruling in this thread:

    Expert Dualist targets the attachment, not the unit, meaning Barry would not be able to cancel it.
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    Sweet, that is exactly what I needed! Thank you

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