How does Mag the mighty card Trample and Mammont trample ruling

1) Mag the mighty must stop 1'' from unit after trample if ends on unit.
But card does not says where. Should it stops 1'' before unit Mamont? Or it can stop anywhere in 1''?

2) How pivot of Trample is ruling?
You pivot - stops - move (so you cannot stop on yours unit before move)
Or it is all part of same move and Mammonth/Giant can move in any direction?

3) What happens in charge when you failed charge through your other unit?
Assume situation: You pivot - stops on your unit - roll dice - and see that you cannot reach enemy with that roll - you will stop inside your other unit after charge move.
What should you do? Return in previous position?

4) Dark Wind rules says that you can forfeit your action to change cards
You can forfeit any action or only "selectable one". Can horse commander for example change card forfeiting free maneure?

"Does Combat Prowess" and "Flayed man holds no Secrets" targeting unit?

How is ruled that situation:

Unit plays Order (unit is target)
Opponent plays Combat Prowess to cancel order.
Unit owner plays "Flayed man" to cancels "Combat Prowess"? (it is possible only if Combat Prowess target unit)