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    Default Eddard Bravery In The Face of Death timing

    Eddards order token ability allows you to reroll a failed panic text "after dice have been rolled", the question is, is this after panic tokens have been used or before.

    As it stands, the only reference to the window for "after dice are rolled" is in the attack step for after defense dice are rolled. Panic isn't stepped out that way. Normally panic tokens are in the timing of the active player so even if eddard is the simultaneous with the panic token the attacking player would resolve the token first. However that still would mean the eddard player would have to declare their order token usage prior to seeing the panic token reroll which it's own awkward issue.

    In the case it's a horrific visage check then the eddard player would be active player and then they would have to declare before the panic.

    So basically I'm asking, does panic use the same time steps for attacks and basically meaning eddards reroll is after panic tokens have been used or is it something else?

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    Page 21 of the rulebook deals with these kinds of timing issues.

    Here's how it works:

    If it's the Stark turn, Eddard has to choose to use Bravery in the Face of Death prior to his opponent possibly spending a Panic token, so this would be foolish.

    If it's the opponent's turn, Eddard may choose to use Bravery in the Face of Death after his opponent has chosen whether or not to spend a Panic token.

    As Eddard's card points out, the dice rolled are for the Panic Test. In an exception-based rule system, it is not necessary to call out that step in the rulebook. The card tells you what to do here.

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    I'm still awaiting an official answer as the simultaneous trigger ruling you are referencing is already not how the timing is defined for attacks and there is not clarification on panic tests which have always been treated as/described as having the same timing.

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    Simultaneous Actions (p.21 of the rulebook) are defined for all actions... not only for attacks !

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