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    Has anyone else had any issues with CMON Kickstarters? We backed the Marvel United Kickstarter and just recently checked on things after not getting any updates or e-mails for months, only to find out that CMON claims everyone's order have shipped.

    We reached out to CMON about our missing game and the response was, they are not shipping out anymore of the games, and they refuse to provide a full refund, claiming that they need to keep 17.5% of our money and not send us any products at all.

    Sadly we do not appear to be alone in this, as there are numerous other posts on the kickstarter trying to get information, and CMON appears to just be ignoring all of these comments.

    Is there anything we can do to get our money back or did the company just outright scam its supporters?

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    Getting the full refund is unlikely. That 17.5% is what Amazon and KS take when the campaign ends.

    As to why they can't ship product? no idea, they should have enough in stock to be able to fulfill it (even if they'd have to ask for extra for the shipping as it became more expensive and single shipping costs more than bulk one).

    As I see it there are 3 things you can try:
    - try harder to get the product (more emails/calls until they send it to be left alone, altough it is possible to spam-filter your contact). Not CMON, but I did this with the Prodos-AvP KS and were successful. You could argue, that you pay the extra needed for shipping, that may help.
    - as KS uses credit cards you can go to your bank to issue a full chargeback. This may or may not work, and nor companies (in this case Amazon first as payment for KS goes through them), nor banks (too much work for little gain) really like to do it. This could lead to you being banned from amazon (they really really hate to give money back), if it happens often. There also may be a time limit (like 6 months, a year, etc) until the bank is willing to do this.
    - accept the partial refund (most likely scenario). You lost that 17.5% and will likely never do business with CMON again, but still the most likely thing to work out.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    I submitted a complaint against them with the BBB, but I doubt that will have any impact as the BBB already has them rated "F", which I believe is the lowest possible rating a company can receive.

    Accepting the partial refund is something I will not do. Currently I believe this is classified as theft and possibly even mail fraud. If I accept a partial refund, it absolves them of their crimes.

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