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    KAEL THE IRASCIBLE, Despot - 86 Points

    Lords: 0% Heroes: 100% Core: 0% Special: 0% Rare: 0%

    TOTAL POINTS: 86 points

    The Chaos Dwarves of Mingol-Zhar-Naggrund are an evil, twisted, and very selfish sort of creature. They are the Dwarves that are told in all wicked tales, and a far stretch from their distant cousins that they long since departed from. They have established an empire in the Dark Lands that spans lands even greater than that of the Empire, and subjugated any who stood in their path to slavery. Creating giant and mutated machines of war, their entire existence is to serve the great god, Hashut. The Plains of Zharrduk, where the majority of the dwarves reside, is a dark and foreboding place, dotted with oil fields, volcanic plains, and giant Ziggurats that have been raised in honor of Hashut.

    To the west of the great capitol city lies a huge Ziggurat and city, called Tir-Na-Bor. It is in this city that some would say an evil pact has been made not only with Hashut, but with Death herself. The Dwarfs of this city thrive in mutated creations, mixing life and death with demonic energy.
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    Manufactured: Confrontation Miniatures
    Sculptor: Yannick Fusier
    Date completed: 27 OCTOBER, 2021
    Total Painting Time: 6.5 hours


    Kael the Irascible, also known as Kael the Cruel, Lord of the Western Tower and Overseer to the Slaves of Tir-Na-Bor. Kael is known for a quick temper, one that is typically unsated until a slave is put to the spear. He oversees the Western Tower, primarily the oil fields and maintenance of the tarry pools that help to drive the engines of war.

    Kael spurred his war boar, Dashalk, further into the ranks of the slaves who meandered near the dark pool of oil known as Black Lake, allowing the beast the opportunity to nip and gore a few as they passed through. Kael himself possessed a cruel reputation, but his boar companion had an even worse one. He had been ordered to run extra shifts to barrel up the black substance that fueled the monstrous machines created by the best of his kind. Something was afoot, perhaps another invasion of the human lands by the twisted people of the north. He hated them, as he hated everything, but they paid very good coin for the machines of the Dawi Zharr.

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