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    Default Stormcast Host; Talabheim Crusaders -Project Logg.

    Hi, and thanks for Checking this project out.
    So resently bought a Dominion-box and thought of how should i approach this army. Since I’ve never played before I would love to finish up a whole army and try to play.
    And that I am a fan of lore and fluff I thought on doing something different then the usual ”goldie-boys-n-girls” I settled on the Lore around Talabheim. So This is Where my army come from. More fluff Will be Done soon. But take a peak on the army so far, leave a comment or anything!

    Talabheim Crusaders, back in the graze of the mighty Sigmar. Heroes from the Old world, reforged and armed with cold godly steel. The Old countess and her husband leads the army like they did in the Old age.

    Here she is; Countess Cassandrich Heiligefauzt. Celestial guardian of the Talabheim Crusaders of the Lord Sigmar.

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    Looking good there, I love the shading on the feathers!

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