Sorry if this has been asked before; I have looked in all the erratas and FAQs and searched the forums and interwebs and cannot for the life of me find the answer. It has become a bone of contention at my local gaming shop. Posted this in the General Rules questions but nobody has answered yet.

Once the top-of-card trigger on a NW tactics card is activated and resolved, and the card is attached to a NW unit as a "vow" does the unit still get to use the top portion trigger effect in future rounds as it applies to that unit (since the card is now attached to it) if/when that trigger condition is met, as well as the additional "vow" (old term for it) on the bottom of the card, or only the bottom "vow" portion of the card, with the top triggered effect only being a one-shot-use at the time the card is played? One interpretation of "attach this card to a unit" is all the card's abilities (the top portion triggered ability and bottom portion granted vow) go to the unit until that unit is removed from play or the card is otherwise stripped from the unit.

The alternate interpretation is only the bottom "vow" ability portion goes into permanent effect for that unit, and the top trigger no longer applies at all once the trigger is activated and the card played and attached to a NW unit.

Hope this question makes sense.