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    Nazgob - Orc Shaman - Games Workshop

    I feel like this must be some sort of record, I've been working on this figure for twelve years now. It was meant to be my Golden Demon - Fantasy single figure entry at Games Day UK 2009, I didn't finish it in time and entered my Exalted Hero of Chaos instead which earned me a finalist pin. Anyway the figure itself is mostly finished now. I just need to spend some time boosting the contrast, mostly on the green cloth and I need to tweak the tones here and there. With the base all I've done so far is block in with the airbrush and wash dark sea blue over everything.
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    Wow... so this amazing piece was sitting for one decade almost finished on shelf. The only thing I'd recommend to do to the mini is to give its jewelery the same kind of used look, like you did to the sword (which is looking really good).
    Then you can focus on the base. Should not take you long to get it to the "finished" mode, will it? ;-)

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    Thanks, I think I probably have more unfinished than finished projects if I'm honest with myself. When a project is going well I get a kind of writers block where I'm scared of progressing in case I ruin it. You're right about the jewellery, I painted them the same way as the sword: Scale color Black metal, Thrash metal, Heavy metal and then Speed metal so I'll have a think of how to weather them being silver not steel, as for the base I just need to think over which colours to use as I want to preserve the overall cold scheme, I want it to look like a dank damp cave.

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    Dank damp cave sounds awesome. I already see some gloss varnish giving a watery touch, moss attached to some stones... and hey - what about mushrooms? Maybe in the same kind of "glow in the dark" colour as his weapon?
    I can already see it :-) Go ahead...

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    I'm currently looking into getting hold of some owl pellets. I have Jeremie Bonamants book, one of his miniatures has a sort of shaman casting spells over a bone pile and he used small bones from an owl pellet to achieve it. I used to finds see these lying around when we lived in the countryside I'm surprised by how much they are to buy.
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    Looks great so far. Contrast would be main point of criticism but you already mentioned it yourself
    The metallics look great. Nice contrast there and smooth. Your blends are really smooth too, really good job there. I wouldn't dare taking such big pictures xD

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    Thanks. I've spent some time since the photo glazing in shadows and blacklining the cloth areas, I need to increase the highlights but I'm being very timid with it as I'm frightened of spoiling things at this late stage.

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